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Fishing port

Our harbor offers a safe berth for larger ships (28 permanent and 6 in transit) and smaller ships (30 on small pier and 7 in floating pontoon), but also gas pump and permission of the County Port Authority for Blue Diesel refueling and the possibilit

Reception and processing of fish

Facility for reception and processing of fish in 50 meter distance from the sea and that includes the ice maker which produce 10 tons of ice.

Wholesale fish market

This facility is new and its construction and equipping was co-financed by program of the European Union IPA 2008 Croatia. It is a building of about 400 m2 which is located near Tribunj center.

Fish market

Getting to fresh fish has never been easier. The fish market offers a variety of fish, marine organisms and sea products (shrimp and shrimp, lobster, shrimp, etc.).


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